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The theme of the 2012 Cats Festival is "cats and mice". You are all familiar with the legend: the Cloth Hall of Ypres was ‘crawling' with mice. These rodents could only be eliminated with the help of a large number of cats. However, the randy tom cats also had their fun. And soon the mouse plague became a cat infestation! But how do you exterminate so many cats? By throwing them from the highest tower naturally. And this is how we came to owe the popular traditional ‘Cat Throwing' to the many thousands of mice!
You must admit: those tiny mice do provoke the cats with their irascible patter! What a fun story to act out in a parade. This is why the 43rd Cat Parade will give birth to a small mouse parade. We won't tell you what it is but rest assured: those delightful little rodents will be present.

So start practising your screams!

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